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Interviews for Visual Control
November 13, 2008, 8:08 pm
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Person 1: female 24

Person 2: male 23

Person 3: male 27


If you had the opportunity to communicate through your television set what would be same of the things you would do (talk – who to, email, text, video chat)?

Person 1: Call overseas, to check emails and surf the net because the screen is bigger

Person 2: I suppose I would you it for voice calls. Maybe use it for working on group when we couldn’t get all together, watch it for sports events and see friends reactions

Person 3: I would use it to play games against people, cant really watch TV and communicate at the same time would be too hard wouldn’t communicate


If you had the opportunity to talk and see your friends and family on the TV while watching a television program would you use it?

Person 1: Yes, I wouldn’t miss out on shows. Very handy

Person 2: Yeah, I think so, would be good for the footy if you cant get around to your friends place

Person 3: Nah I wouldn’t do it at the same time because I would be watching the program, maybe if u had it on during the ads, like it pops up during the ads and you can talk to someone


What about events such as sport and concerts, would it be more useful? What other programs would it be more suited to?

Person 1: Nah, wouldn’t do it for sports, don’t really watch sports. Would use it more for soaps and Australian idol. The shows I like I would talk to them during the ads

Person 2: Sports events, If you could watch a DVD and other people could see it at the same time, would expand a lot more, would use it the most for sporting events though. Maybe Australian Idol nd those programs and just creates conversation

Person 3: Ah yeah maybe that could be good, game shows, quiz shows,


Have ever phoned someone directly after watching a TV program to talk about it?

Person 1: Maybe when I was younger, around 16 I might have but now I don’t. Once or twice if anything

Person 2: Nah I haven’t actually, but if have been on phone and the TV is on I might mention it

Person 3: hmmm…Only when there has been someone on the program that I have known and also ring up and say have u seen such and such on that show


If you had the opportunity to send a television program/ad/event through your TV, which you just watched and think your friends or family, might like, would you?

Person 1: Yeah for sure, that would be good. There have been heaps of times where I have seen a funny ad and told my friends and family about it but haven’t been able to show them

Person 2: yeah I would do that, I might have sent messages while something on TV is on that they might like, letting them know

Person 3: Yeah that’s cool, that’s a good idea, recommended programs

What do you think of sharing photos and videos via television while sitting on the couch by just using the television remote control?

Person 1: Yeah that would be a good idea. Say that there would be nothing on TV then it would be a lot more useful. Still being able to watch programs while doing it would be good to.

Person 2: Yeah I think that would be really good, be a good way if connecting family and friends that live further away

Person 3: Yeah that’s a good idea, movies, holidays snaps, so u could just turn it on and see everyone’s holiday snaps


Would it be useful being able to access someone else’s TV recordings via the TV?

Person 1: God you have to have privacy somewhere, you cant just start to hacking into other people televisions. You would have to be willing to share.

Person 2: Yeah it would be good but how would you control the access of the content and the share folder and files

Person 3: Yeah that could be useful. Yeah u would want to have a public folder that you would want to share, file sharing I guess

With previous episodes of a TV series being stored on the web to view on your computer would you like this feature to be available on your television?

Person 1: Yeah because you wouldn’t have to watch it on a little computer screen. Can watch it on a big screen

Person 2: Yeah I would match rather watch it on my TV rather on my computer, so I can go through the TV and watch want I want

Person 3: Yeah, like on demand TV so you could watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it. That would be a good feature

Social Networks

Would ratings on the TV from people who have watched programs help you in deciding what to watch?

Person 1: Nah not really, I would still check it out weather or not it had good ratings or bad ratings

Person 2: Nah not really, would be interesting to see what other people thought of it but I would still watch, might check out something, which had bad ratings

Person 3: Yeah that would be definitely useful, yeah if you wanted to watch a movie at night and go through the reviews, it would definitely help.

Do you think you would communicate or develop, join groups with people that have similar interests in what types of things you watch on TV(people you have never met before)? Is there potential in social networks on the TV set?

Person 1: I might join a group but I would never take it any further. Nah I wouldn’t communicate with people I don’t know. Maybe if you had no friends and you were single it could be handy

Person 2: I would go as far as joining groups for shows I might like, but I wouldn’t try and communicate with anyone in the group. I think I would try that on the Internet. Yeah I can see the potential of a social networks on people joining a group about televisions program, would be a good way of television shows to get feedback on what people did and didn’t like about the show

Person 3: No probably not, wouldn’t join a discussion group or anything like that. The idea of what other people are watching and the idea of the most popular shows but the idea of communication with them no.Yeah I think there would be probably would be potential , would become like a fac book program, but I guess that’s a bigger step to make making your computer a TV or your TV a computer. In the future your looking at a smaller transition between the two


Would it be useful to see what your friends are watching on TV?

Person 1: Yeah that would be really good, see if they were really fans of TV shows.

Person 2: I suppose it would be interesting if your into checking up on people but I probably wouldn’t want people seeing what I was watching, I don’t know how I would feel about that

Person 3: Yeah that would be good.

Other comments

Person 3: In terms of communication, I could definitely see the sharing as being pretty huge. I don’t know how socializing would go on tv. If you find a way of integrating the watching the tv and communication would give it more appeal. Weather channel or sport option would be good, I would want to use it to find out information for sport.



Thinking out aloud – CREDO
November 13, 2008, 8:04 pm
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What do you want the document to say about you (and New Technologies)


My fascination with computers and design

One piece of technology that has been a major part of choosing the field I am in is the computer.


Self Promotion

Interested in being involved in the multimedia industry

Ready to face the ongoing challenges that new technology brings to the industry

Excited about designing for new technology


An INSIGHT to my experience with technology and how it has influenced my interest in the multimedia and what I enjoy doing

”The technology today allows this sort of thing to be done, and who knows where it will lead in the future. New software is always coming along that expands on what we can do. Think of the 3D stuff possible today. This is really technical stuff. Once you build the wireframe you can put skin on it, hair, etc and have a really marvelous result. Is that the artist at work or is it the technology? Does it matter?”




Self Promotion



Development of software and hardware

Computer generated images in feature films

Original footage vs cg

Cg realism


Feature films



Video on web

“The video game and animation industry is about to take another leap forward in the development quality realistic images and animation. The current crop of video games tend to utilize low poly models in the gaming environment. In the near future, more advanced video cards will allow the use of more high poly models. The differences will be astounding. Other major innovations are underway which will allow artists to create visual simulations that will become a true virtual reality to the users.”

“I would say that new technological development and extreme use of social machines, like computers and its devices could strongly influence my future as a modelmaker.
My possible future could lead to designing an artificial intelligence.

Digital artists desire to get even more powerful computers. This demand for technology improvement will be always forcing us to invent new technology. There is a possibility that as computer technology progresses, demand for modelmakers and designers will rise. Modelling on computer saves production time and is financially more convenient for a client. It might be possible that if machines will evolve into labour robots, they will receive the design and make the prototype for us.”


How do you want to say it (Content>Sequence> Structure) within the proforma of the box set.


What I have done

About me

Folio Pieces throughout

CV at the end



3D box set

Computer Case > Work inside is all computer generated

Slip case in shape of Monitor > I design for screen

DVD showreel

Who do you want to say it to (Primary>Secondary)


– Prospective employers

– Multimedia Studios



What I enjoy doing within the multimedia area

Motion graphics

Post Production

Animation 2D and 3D

Visual Effects


looking at possible formats for credo
November 13, 2008, 8:01 pm
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Credo Intial ideas
November 13, 2008, 7:31 pm
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logo development
November 3, 2008, 1:21 am
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Online survey summary – Findings
June 5, 2008, 11:48 pm

We conducted our survey online through a website callled zoomerang, which provided us with online space and database to collect 100 participants answers. The survey focused on visual language in public space and had variety of questions ranging from visual mediums which caught peoples attention, to the design aspects of the medium and the preferred visual language which they would like to see in public spaces. The methods of answering the question ranged from rating scales, multiple or single answering tick boxes to sections where participants could comment. Our survey gained a lot of interest and curiosity with 181 responses, which showed us our subject matter was a relevant area to research.

The visual medium, which most caught the eye of participants, was advertising. A lot of the individual responses were medium placed around train lines and stations and big billboards placed on busy roads which gives us an idea of when people notice the visual language around them. When people are not busy and are bored, they actually have time to briefly look around the area. From these responses the visual language, which overwhelming stood out was graffiti because it’s saturated all over Melbourne.

The aspect of the design which made these examples successful was mostly the creativity and originality which received 35%, followed by the message, which received 25%. By no surprise we found that half the people didn’t like the advertising they had seen recently in public because they had seen it too much or it just wasn’t in their personal taste.

We included images of each category of public visual language, which included street art, public art and advertisements in public space. Trying to summarise general categories with three or four pictures might not have been practical but it helped participants familiarize themselves with the subject matter more.

Participants preferred to see street art and public art more than advertising, which is important information we can use to help us produce an outcome. The aspect which is most likely to attract people’s attention was creativity and originality which received 58% and surprisingly, aesthetics only received 11%.

Our initial thoughts about society being to overloaded with advertising was also emphasized through the results of the survey with 79% of participants agreeing

Overall the we found that the public like to see and appreciate creative and original mediums in public space. Whether it is public art, street art or advertising, it needs to be original for it to have a greater impact. While analyisng the survey results we also found the placement of the visual medium is also an important factor.

Ideas and thoughts
June 5, 2008, 11:43 pm

How people react, interpret and interact with visuals?

Different meanings when altering or changing visuals

Interaction with visual

How visuals effect people (feelings, emotions)

What people are not used, unfamiliar, new, different, unusual

How people react to new forms of visual

Reacting to change (Like/Dislike)

Letting peoples imagination come out

A form of inspiration to the public

Engaging viewers’ curiosity and imagination, the opportunity to get people thinking, may change and create an improved or more creative society, pushing boundaries. A form of inspiration to the public

How technology is making us efficient

Design should be making us creative

Research Methods Ideas

– Survey – What images engage with people the most

– Interaction with imagery and visuals in public spaces – Experiments

– Public experiments and local University experiments

– Example. Posters have a pen attached with a section for comments and thoughts

– Recording data by observing in public places ‘ real world’ in discretion

– Online interaction tests

– Raising questions on blog or website and recording comments

– Feedback